What are the benefIts for Customers?

  • Customers can be operational within 1 week
  • Free Trial Period
  • Controlled Working as a Team in the New Normal
  • Paperless Offer with 1POINT5 SALES
  • Create Tasks and Surveys
  • More Efficient with Less Staff Members
  • Adjustable to your Company Profile
  • Helpdesk System Included
  • Video Conferencing + Chat Function
  • Standardize your offers and invoices

Why 1Point5 Sales Makes the Solution Efficient

Dashboard Overview of Activities

Direct Status update, To-do-list, calendar, chat function with colleagues and customers from the platform

Easy Proposal Making

Thanks to standardized Proposal Items and Pricing connected to current Currency Rate the Proposal is ready in no time

Tracking Lead and Proposal Status

Never wondering again when you last contacted the Customer or when you should Contact him again

Know What Customer Really wants

Make a Professional survey and learn about your customer’s needs. Share your experiences in the Knowledge base